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Osaka World Trade Center 1995


  • Mixed Use


  • Interior
  • Landscape
  • Facade


  • 1995


  • Japan

Project Team

  • Tokyo

Client : Osaka World Trade Center Building
Design : Nikken Sekkei, Mancini ・ Duffy

This high-rise office building located in the Nanko area of Osaka Bay is a landmark for ships sailing into the Bay as well as for places all over the city. Currently, it is a multi-purpose building owned by the Osaka Prefectural Government.
The lighting design was guided by a concept we called "21st-centry lighthouse." The building's façade, exterior, and all public space inside are illuminated with "kinetic light," lighting with sensory qualities that go beyond functional lighting.
Above all, we invested considerable effort into the design of the aircraft warning lights that are necessity for skyscrapers. The result is an illuminated building-top observation deck and a system that modulates light intensity at a rate equivalent to a heartbeat or deep breathing.


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