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Who are the Lighting Detectives?

The Lighting Detectives is a non-profit society dedicated to the study of lighting culture. All things surrounding and concerned with light, lighting and akari are regarded by the Lighting Detectives as lighting culture. Based on extensive lighting environment studies and practical fieldwork, the Lighting Detectives is a place to discuss the future of humanity and better light.

Lighting Detectives Website

What is the Vision of the Lighting Detectives?

1. The Lighting Detectives highly regard local lighting culture from around the world and offer a platform to share knowledge and inspiration attained from it.
2. The Lighting Detectives highly respect the identity of various lighting cultures and provide activities to learn, think about, and enjoy through mutual interaction.
3. The Lighting Detectives also meet and talk about the future and ideal being of “light, lighting, and akari” and the brilliance of lighting culture.

History of the Lighting Detectives

The Lighting Detectives were established in Tokyo in 1990 as a non-profit, practical-minded society dedicated to the study of lighting culture with lighting designer, and acting chief, Kaoru Mende and six other volunteers. In 2000, Ulrike Brandi and Aleksandra Stratimirovic from Europe also joined, and the for the first time the society extended beyond Japanese bounders to form the Transnational Lighting Detectives.

Presently, Tokyo is the official headquarters with 12 chapters in the following cities; Hamburg, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Singapore, New York, Belgrade, Beijing, Bangkok, Taipei, Madrid, and Mexico City. A core member from each chapter is a central contact in a local network that helps to organize an annual rotating conference, the Transnational Lighting Detective Forum. Local workshops and a symposium are planned for the annual event and it is an opportunity for members meet and travel to cities around the world.

Who are Lighting Detective Members?

As of 2014, Lighting Detective membership totaled 500 members, 380 Japanese members, 120 international members. Members come from various backgrounds including, lighting professionals, researchers, architects, designers, students, businessmen, and housewives, but all have an collective interest in lighting. The Lighting Detectives feel it is important to work together with a wide range of people who are interested in lighting, instead of those just professionally associated with the field.

Club Activities

The Lighting Detectives hold regular activities and also participate in various outside events. Seven activities, considered the backbone of the Lighting Detectives, are listed below.

1. City Walks and Lighting Salon
2. Urban Nightscape Survey
3. Publications and Multi-media
4. Seminar and Exhibitions
5. Workshops and Citizen Participation Events
6. Official Website and Newsletter
7. Transnational Tanteidan Forum

Lighting Detectives Website

・Caution ! Beware of fake LPA website ・LPAを装った偽サイトにご注意ください。 ・请注意伪装LPA的网站。
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