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Site Policy

This website is administered by Lighting Planners Associates (LPA). All users are asked to read and consent to the terms set forth below prior to their use of this website.


Although LPA exercises the utmost care to ensure that the information provided in this website is of sound integrity, there may still be inaccuracies and typographical errors. Any user who intends to utilize the website’s content is urged to verify its viability in advance through separate means. Neither LPA nor any of the other copyright holders may be held liable for any direct or indirect damages you may incur through your use of this website.

Copyright, etc.

All copyright and other rights related to the information provided in this website (such as text, music, illustrations, diagrams, photographs, programs, compilations, databases, and the derivative works thereof) reside with LPA and/or the holders of such rights from whom LPA has obtained permission to use such information. You may not exploit this information or convert them to another use without authorization (such as by reproducing, altering, or distributing said information) in any capacity that does not fall under private use or other legally permissible purposes.


This website is SSL-compatible, and any communication between the web browser and web server will be encrypted. Any personal information you enter into this website, such as your name, address, and telephone number, will be automatically encrypted.


This website may use “cookie” technology for the following purposes:
(1) to enhance your user experience upon your future visits to the website
(2) to measure and analyze the website’s usage status
In the event that you access any cookie-enabled content, a cookie will be stored on your computer. However, the data stored in the cookie will not include any information that may lead to your identification.
Cookies can be blocked by changing your browser’s settings, but doing so may restrict your access to some of the website’s contents. *This website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics tool, in order to improve the usability and value of LPA’s information service.


LPA does not as a principle restrict anyone from linking to this website. However, depending on the content of the linked page (if it is of an inappropriate nature, for example) or the manner in which this website has been linked to, LPA may reject such links, either before or after the fact.

・Caution ! Beware of fake LPA website ・LPAを装った偽サイトにご注意ください。 ・请注意伪装LPA的网站。
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