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Kani Public Art Center ala 2002


  • Civic / Cultural


  • Interior
  • Landscape


  • 2002


  • Japan

Project Team

  • Tokyo

Client : Kani City
Design : Hisao Kohyama Atelier

This building was designed as a center for the cultural and creative activities of the local community. It includes a large and small theatre art gallery, a loft for all kinds of activities, workshop rooms, among other facilities. The building is an assemblage of block-shaped rooms covered by a large, flat roof. The walls of each of these volumes are illuminated and given a sense of brightness with a lighting method specific to each space.
The building’s glass façade extends in an L-shape around the grass courtyard, and at night light radiating from the walls of each block reflects in the copper-panel ceiling, adding a dynamic quality to the activities going on inside.