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CapitaGreen 2015


  • Office


  • Interior
  • Landscape
  • Facade


  • 2015


  • Singapore

Project Team

  • Singapore
  • Tokyo

Client : CapitaLand Commercial Limited
Design : Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects

  CapitaGreen is the newest office tower in Singapore’s Central Business District. As high-rise buildings become more and more common in the city, CapitaGreen stands out among them for an exterior more than half covered with plants that contributes more greenery to the skyline. The lighting was guided by the concept of showcasing this greenery in elegant light. The color temperature of lighting for the vegetation covering the façade changes in gradation from incandescent colours to white colour from ground floor to the top.
  The summit of the building features a red and white petalled structure which is part of a “cool void that harvests the cooler and fresher air from the top of the building and around the sky forest and circulates it via air handling units to every office level. Uplighting the void etches its shape as a symbol in the night sky.
A lighting control system slowly and continuously varies the intensity of the façade lighting as if to suggest that the building itself is a living, breathing plant.

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