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Beppu Park 1994


  • Park / Garden


  • Landscape


  • 1994


  • Japan

Project Team

  • Tokyo

Client : Beppu City

At night, this expansive 400-meters wide park and former Imperial property was illuminated only with security lighting and rarely visited. The mayor told us that he wanted "a park that was just as open and inviting to the public at night as during the day." Our design creates a park with a unique nighttime appeal and environment that is completely different from daytime and where thousands of citizens can mingle together.
Our lighting design includes a "Light Pyramid" that functions as a clock, an "ocean of light" reminiscent of rolling waves, "firefly bamboo forest," and "metasequoia pond." We took advantage of the park's ample space to appoint variety of creative light scenes for park visitors to encounter and enjoy.