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National Yokohama Int'l Convention Hall 1995


  • Civic / Theatre / Library / Conference hall


  • Interior


  • 1995


  • Japan

Project Team

  • Tokyo

Design : Nikken Sekkei, Mancini ・ Duffy

The hall for international conventions was built facing the Yokohama Port, one of the oldest ports of Japan. Soft curves symbolizing seashells are used throughout the facility as an architectural motif. The foyer, the large convention hall and the seaside lobby comprise the facility.The interior of the 500-seat Convention Hall is designed to give the feeling of being inside a gigantic seashell, the indirect lighting a simulations the wavy forms of the shell and gives visually comforting feeling.
In the foyer, several layers of wave-like ceiling lights casting indirect light continue up to the outside canopy on the port side. Similar to the indirect lighting in the hall, FL colored tubular lamps are embedded in the fine details of the building. Randomly positioned down lights accentuate the vast expanse of the ocean. The seaside lobby which commands the magnificent view of the Yokohama Port is designed to lower the overall ilumination level and to give visual comfort to the convention participants during recess hours.

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