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Singapore Venue: National Design Centre, Singapore - 24 October - 21 November 2015 (4weeks)

The travelling exhibition in Singapore was held in National Design Centre where is the forefront of design in Singapore.
In addition to the original contents of the travelling exhibition, the Singapore venue invited special guests for two talk sessions and opened a Light Bar on the weekends, successfully drawing crowds of visitors. In conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of Singapore, a 14-meter long chronology of the Evolution of Singapore’s Nightscape showcased highlights in lighting technology and design.

■Event Layout

① Lighting Pavilion
② Atrium – Day & Night Lighting
③ Evolution of Singapore’s Nightscape
④ Learning from Children
⑤ Learning from Masters
⑥ Who is LPA



1, Lighting Pavilion

The basic content of travelling exhibition.
This is projection containing the following thee parts below.

a. Learning from Nature 
The fundamental principle of LPA’s lighting design is rooted in Nature. All our design efforts are to get closer to skillful light and shadow created by the two natural light sources, the sun and fire.

b. Learning from World Nightscapes
LPA has accumulated a massive collection of nightscape pictures through countless lighting surveys around the world.  

c. Scenes from Nightscape 2050
The visitors will be shown proposed future interactions with lighting, shown in five different settings: Urban, Street, Park, Home, and People. LPA have strived to make this highly creative section very enjoyable, experiential, and educational.

2, Atrium - Day & Night Lighting

The atrium was beautiful decorated with a tree and luminous stools. Different scenes of lighting were showcased during different times of day to exhibit the beauty of lighting design.

3, Evolution of Singapore’s Nightscape

“History of Singapore’s Nightscape – from 1800s till Present” has been an extensive study of the key events that shaped the nightscape of the city. 

This history of lighting is not easily traced in such a linear fashion, with many influences at each turn of Singapore’s history. It was not always bright in Singapore,
and there is a conscious decision of today’s government to keep the streets bright throughout the night. From humble beginnings as a fishing village,
we saw commitment and determination to bring light to every home, to have safety in the streets at night, to create impressive building lighting
and also to be a sophisticated cosmopolis at night. This challenging task was made possible with the help of many people and organizations.

Australian War Memorial / Charlie Lim / Cheong Kah Kit / Chizue Honda / Clement Onn / Dinesh Ananthan Naidu / Dr. Lai Chee Kian / Energy Market Authority / 
Esplanade ‒ Theatres on the Bay / Eugene Li Yi Xian / Geraldine Soh / Goh Hak Liang / Hocken Collections / Housing Development Board / K. Seshadri /
Kelvin Ang Kah Eng / Marisa Teo / MediaCorp Press Limited / National Archives of Singapore / National Gallery Singapore / National Heritage Board /
National Library Board / National Museum of Singapore / National Parks Board / Ong Tze Boon / Orchard Road Business Association /
OSRAM Lighting Solutions Asia Pacific / OUE Limited / Philips Lighting Singapore / Raymond Chan / Ryan Tan / Singapore Press Holdings Limited /
Singapore River One / Singapore Tourism Board / Susan Yee / Tang Holdings / Urban Redevelopment Authority / Wildlife Reserves Singapore / Yeo Hong Eng


The proposal of Singapore’s future nightscape, developed by students from various institutions were exhibited as part of the evolution of Singapore’s nightscape.

The schools that took part in this program were from:
Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) / Nanyang Technological University (NTU) / National University of Singapore (NUS) / 
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) / Lasalle College of the Arts

4, Learning from Children

The basic content of travelling exhibition
Children workshops were conducted to learn who their heroes and villains of light are, by taking walks in the evening and observing the nightscape. What can adults learn from them?

5、Learning from Masters

The basic content of travelling exhibition
Interviews of 5 experts in design/art and technology about their visions for lighting in the future will be presented. Their ideas are thought provoking.

6、Who is LPA

The basic content of travelling exhibition
A section of the exhibition also shows a chronological chart of architectural lighting design and the projects of LPA as well as their latest monograph, “LPA 1990–2015 Tide of Architectural Lighting Design.”

7、Other Events

Junior Workshop 1

17th April 2015 ~ 18th April 2015
We organized workshops involving local participants. The workshops were organized to provide the children an opportunity to offer their best creative and innovative ideas.
Children were introduced to various lighting equipment and later had a night walk session to survey the city’s lights.

Junior Workshop 2

25th October 2015
A second junior workshop was held after the opening of the exhibition. Children gathered in the exhibition venue (National Design Centre) and created beautiful artworks of the future nightscape.

Student Workshop

21th September 2015
As part of the Nightscape 2050 exhibition, students of various institutions were invited to take part in a workshop to brainstorm and showcase their proposals to the future of lighting.

Light Bar

Every Friday & Saturday from 30th October 2015 – 21st November 2015

A special <Light Bar> was set up every Friday and Saturday during the duration of the exhibition.
Drinks were served around the Atrium with special LED cups.

Talk Session 1

7th November 2015
2 talk sessions were held with specially invited guest speakers. Mark Dytham and Khoo Peng Beng were the guest speakers for this sessions. The speakers and the
audience were given an overview of the History of Singapore’s Nightscape – right from the early 1800s until the present. This covered the first examples of street lighting, using coconut oil lamps, then moving to Gas Lamps, and finally to Electric Street lighting once electricity started being produced in Singapore.

Talk Session 2

13th November 2015
Michael Lee and Kaoru Mende were the guest speakers for talk session 2. The session began with Mr. Kaoru Mende introducing and elaborating on the lighting exhibition ‘Nightscape 2050 – A Dialogue between Cities. Light. People in the future’ organized by Lighting Planners Associates (LPA). Thereafter Mr. Michael Lee commenced his talk on ‘Light and Noticing’ – a discussion on selective contemporary artworks that deal with the properties of light. After the talk from the 2 speakers, students from the 5 institutes in Singapore who participated in the Student workshop presented their visions of lighting in Singapore in the year 2050 with short presentations of 2-3 minutes each.

■ Singapore Exhibition Sponsors:

Supported by Design Singapore Council
Host Venue National Design Centre
Singapore Exhibition Sponsors Krislite Pte Ltd / Technolite (Singapore) Pte Ltd / BizLink Associates (S) Pte Ltd / Pacific Technical Products Pte Ltd / LuxLight Pte Ltd/
Million Lighting Company Pte Ltd / Schréder Singapore Pte Ltd / Strongly Lighting Pte Ltd / Relex Illumination Pte Ltd / FLOS / Lightcraft Pte Ltd /
Aristo Engineering Pte Ltd / Louis Poulsen Asia Pte Ltd / Maerich Pte Ltd / Creative Lighting Asia

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