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Odawara San-no-Maru Hall opened. Dec . 13 . 2021

Odawara San-no-Maru Hall opened.

Odawara San-no-Maru Hall, a new center of culture and art in Odawara, opened on September 5.
Just as the Odawara Castle Ruins Park on the other side of the hall and the Hakone mountains at the back of the hall show different aspects of each season, the hall's interior is lit with a variety of lights, from red like autumn leaves to white like sky light.
The interior of the hall uses a color control function to express various scenes, from red light like autumn leaves to white light like the sky.
The foyer, which is open to the town, is hung with lights that resemble Odawara lanterns.
The light overflowing from the building gives a calm yet lively atmosphere to the night view.
In the adjacent Odawara Visitor Center, soft light illuminates the interior, which makes extensive use of local wood.


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