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“Search for Light” ended Sep . 27 . 2021

“Search for Light” ended

LPA was invited by Nitto Denko Corporation as a creation partner to participate in Milan Design Week 2021, held from September 5 to 10, 2021. Using Nitto Denko's new light control technology "RAYCREA", we planned a space that gives a sense of the possibilities of new light.
RAYCREA is a transparent film that can be applied to glass or acrylic. The panel is transparent as it is, emits light from the edges like a light guiding plate, and light distribution can also be controlled.

The exhibition space consisted of three rooms, each with a different theme.

An installation that makes the most of the characteristics of RAYCREA, in which multiple layers of RAYCREA panels repeatedly emit and transmit light, creating a mysterious space that makes you feel as if you are lost in a labyrinth.

Light in Architecture
Looking through the large and small RAYCREA panels on the wall, you can see various photos of natural light and videos of architectural lighting, reminding us of the potential of RAYCREA in architecture and cities.

Light is Material
This is a space where the technology and features of RAYCREA can be felt in a more realistic way. A small room with walls that glow like shoji paper as a tea-ceremony room, a room surrounded by dazzling light from RAYCREA, and an exhibition of film sashes that hang down like antiquities, all of which remind us of RAYCREA as a material.

There were concerns that the event might be cancelled this year but we were able to carry it out and achieved a great success with more than 10,000 visitors.
We hope that many people in Milan were able to experience the charm and surprise of RAYCREA light.

The event received a lot of attention and publicity from the media.
Here are some of the major ones.

-AXIS web magazine
-Sugar & Cream

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Play with Light

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Light in Architecture

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Light is Material


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