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MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2021 Exhibition N Jul . 28 . 2021

MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2021  Exhibition N

LPA has been invited by Nitto Denko Corporation as a creation partner to participate in Milan Design Week 2021 to be held this fall.
The venue consists of three areas, "Play with Light", "Light is Material", and "Light in Architecture", where visitors can experience an unprecedented expression of light using the new light control technology "RAYCREA".
The theme of the main interation is "Labyrinth".
Please look forward to the new possibilities of light.

Title: Search for Light
Dates: September 5 (Sun) - 10 (Fri), 2021
Venue: Torneria Tortona (Via Tortona 32, Milan)
Organizer: Nitto Denko Corporation
Creation Partner: Kaoru MENDE / Lighting Planners Associates
Technical Direction: Yutaka Endo / LUFTZUG
Art Director: Takuma Hayashi / Hayashi Takuma Design Office
Construction Management: Rieko Ito / IXI Co.,Ltd. / IXI s.r.l.
Editing and Copywriting: Yoshinao Yamada
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