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WATERS takeshiba 2020


  • Mixed Use
  • Hotel / Hospitality
  • Office
  • Commercial / Retail


  • Landscape


  • 2020


  • Japan

Project Team

  • Tokyo

Client :East Japan Railway
Design :  JR East Design

Adjacent to the Hamarikyu Gardens, this is a multi-use complex overlooking the waterfront. The tower façade is illuminated with super narrow uplights and edge lighting to emphasize the height and multiple layers of the building. In the commercial area of the lower podium, handrail lighting and foot-level lighting smoothly connect the looming tower and landscape, while highlighting the multiple layers and creating a comfortable lighting environment along the walking path at night. The complex also includes JR East Shiki Theatres, HARU and AKI. The lighting is appropriately designed to express a theatrical atmosphere with ball-shaped ceiling luminaires, colorful spotlights, and moonlight shining on the grass.


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